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May 28, 2009

I really like Hiromi Go. He’s a pop singer who made it big in the seventies, but still manages to release hits today like the big hit, Goldfinger ’99, a Japanese version of Livin’ La Vida Loca.

Anyway, one night I did karaoke with Ugochi and this song got stuck in my head. I sang it while riding my bike on the way home, passing a police officer who probably thought I was drunk. It’s so easy, I decided to try translating it.

Obviously, there are parts that don’t make any sense. Like how do you seduce someone’s hair? I thought maybe the hair was doing the seducing, but that doesn’t fit. I’m going to have ask my sensei about that on Monday. EDIT: I am baka. Hair is not being seduced – it’s flowing because of the wind! Also there’s no indication of who wants to entrust whose happiness to who, so I just made that up. Darn that Japanese and its lack of subjects!

I had so much work to do at the time and I don’t know why I wasted time on a silly little song. But isn’t it just adorable? I want to translate the long version sometime. This video is a slightly longer version – they removed the version I was using to translate before from Youtube.


君たち女の子 僕たち男の子
一度の人生 大事な時間
髪をなびかせて GO GO GO GO!
男と女の子 心がふれあえば

Boy and Girl

You are girls. We are boys.
Hey hey hey, hey hey hey, let’s go play!
Let’s run towards our world
I want to entrust my happiness to you.
Hey hey hey, hey hey hey, dreams are overflowing
One life, precious time
Ah ah, ah ah, in the blue sky
Ah ah, ah ah, the sun is shining
Inside the bright wind
Your hair flows then GO GO GO GO!
Boy and girl, if hearts touch
Hey hey hey, hey hey hey, let’s hurry!
Let’s go barefoot towards our world